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Kkdtv es el producto de links, mails, recopilaciones y colecciones, aca como un diamante en bruto, pero muchisimo mas barato, un par de bosquejos de proximos episodios, que quizas nunca lleguen.

http://www.frutasyfrutas.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/chirimolla-3.jpg CHIRIMOLLALEGRE

La politica es el arte de obtener el dinero de los ricos y el voto de los pobres con el pretexto de proteger a los unos de los otros...


El antes y el despues de la barandula...Anyelina Yoli taba mejor sin tunear

http://www.spiralandcircle.com/Japanesecollectibles2.html para quedar bien**

http://rompecadenas.com.ar no leas lo q creas

...........................................Nirvana baby at 17............

http://www.neatorama.com/2006/05/08/top-15-amazingly-ginormous-fat-cats/ post!!!!

""En fin, se rien de mi porque soy diferente, yo me rio de ustedes al verlos todos igualitos"""

http://brasil.indymedia.org/pt/blue/2007/01/372078.shtml abogados malignos

*press F11 AHORA

http://www.monkeyconspiracy.com/thelist.htm monos simios macacos MONOS!!!

Tradiciones???fiestas tradicionales del mundo... bsk
1 La Tomatina, Bunol, SpainOn the last Wednesday in August the population of this small town near Valencia gets together to throw overripe tomatoes at each other. As part of a week-long festival that features a paella cook-off the night before, the carnage starts after a member of the townsfolk climbs a pole to grab a fresh ham. As soon as the ham is down, it's every man for himself as tomatoes are hurled wildly at anything that moves. The mayhem then continues for an hour or two until everyone looks like a pizza base and a cannon is fired to tell them all to calm down.
2 The Battle of the Oranges, Ivrea, ItalyThe residents of this north-west Italian town have a more violent approach to fruit throwing. Just before Lent every year they spend a few days throwing oranges at each other with scarcely concealed bloodlust. The oranges supposedly symbolise the head of an ancient duke who was beheaded by a local objecting to his ducal "right" to sleep with any of the town's women. One thing is for certain, though: the oranges really hurt, especially when it's cold and they're nearly frozen.
3 The Night of the Radishes, Oaxaca, MexicoWhile most of us prefer Christmas Eve, the residents of Oaxaca have their big celebration on December 23. For some unknown reason, thought to be linked to Spanish missionaries, they live it up by sculpting radishes into all manner of weird and wonderful forms - from small woodland animals to scale models of carnivals. And then, within 24 hours, it's all gone to waste as the radishes - some of which are chemically enhanced so that they're half a metre long - start to rot.
4 Tunarama, Port Lincoln, South AustraliaThe highlight of this celebration of all things fishy - due to be held from January 26 to 28 - is the tuna toss. It's a bit like the Olympic hammer, but with a large fish rather than a metal ball and chain, and it's open to anyone who fancies themselves. The rules of the competition dictate that the tuna must weigh between eight and 10 kilos. The record is held by former Olympian hammer thrower Sean Carlin. He managed to hurl his soon-to-be sandwich-filling 37.23 metres.
5 Cheese rolling, Gloucestershire, EnglandEvery year on the last Monday in May hundreds of locals and international tourists - a Kiwi won this year's ladies' race - risk serious injury charging down a steep hill after an accelerating double Gloucester cheese. The idea is to catch the cheese as it hurtles down at speeds of up to 70kmh - something fairly tough to achieve until it reaches the bottom, given both the velocity and the head start it has over the scrambling runners.
6 Choripan Guerrilla, in the reserva ecologica, Buenos Aires, cada 17 de octubre, se reunen todos los turistas con ojotas, compran choripanes en dolares y los arrojan entre si.

Chauuu dice el hombrecito mas pequenino del mundo bajo las gambas mas largas

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